grbox (grbox) wrote in wenatcheefun,

So upset...

So I am sitting around my apartment in downtown Wenatchee today, and I just really need to go outside. So I change into shorts and decide to go ride my bike around town. So I get some water, and head out the door all ready to go. I walk down the stairs and turn the corner and see my back, then I take a 2nd look and sure enough someone has stolen both of my bike tires. So I am pretty upset about that and just figured I would vent.

On another note, I just moved to Wenatchee about a week and a half ago, I am a senior from CWU and i am doing my student teaching at sunnyslope elementary. I really like working in the school and Wenatchee seems nice except for i dont know anyone so im pretty bored. Anyway if anyone wants to talk my aim and yahoo info is on my userinfo page.
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