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Here is something fun....

The 20th Wenatchee Poetry Slam!

Community members are invited to participate in the 20th Wenatchee Poetry Slam, held at Gallery ’76 on WVC’s Wenatchee campus on Thursday, November 16, at 7 p.m.

Poetry from all contestants must be originally composed by the performing poet. Those wishing to compete sign in on the spot. One dollar is collected from all audience members and poets, with the winner receiving two-thirds of the pot and the runner-up one-third.

In the first round of the slam, each poet is allowed three minutes for their performance delivery and may either read or recite from memory. The time allotted is free for the poet to use in any way. Introductions may be given. Histrionics are both permitted and encouraged, although no props or music are allowed.

If time permits, follow-up eliminations will be held among the three (or more) poets with the highest scores. In the elimination, each poet will have five minutes to perform.

Judges will give equal weight to content and performance or delivery.

For more information, contact Dr. Stephen Berard at 682-6738 or John Crew at 663-6776.
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