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Hank and the whopper lair

So i keep seeing bumper stickers for the christian thing in october...

Outside at walla walla in october? Odd first of all, but where the heck are they going to have things at walla walla? Its got the worst parking ever too!

I dont understand why things like this dont happen at lincoln park, it has that stage and all...
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I just thought I would comment (aka, bored at work and not wanting to work) I have seen those too. I think it's weird that they put a bumper sticker on the car when they are super hard to get off and it is a one time event and it isn't THAT huge. Maybe it is, who knows.
Ehhh its like putting on presidential election stickers, espcially if you supported the losing candidate.

Hahaha and i know what its like to be bored at work...
And leaving them on until the next Bush generation is in. hehe.