Kellee (sumrockclimber) wrote in wenatcheefun,


I know this might be a weird post to have, but I own a rabbit and he needs a new home. He grew up with kids so he is very social, and he currently lives along side two cats whom he adores and sleeps with. He curls up in my bed with me at night, greets me at the door when I get home, and he follows me around the house, circling my feet just dying to be nuzzled. He likes to lay next to you when you watch tv or jump in crazy circles when he is hyper and grind his teeth when he is content. He has free reign over my two bedroom apartment and he is litterbox trained. I need to let him go because my landlord doesn't like the idea of a rabbit and I don't want to lose my place, which I am sure is understandable. He is such a great companion and his love for people and other pets is amazing. He would make anybody a great buddy. He is no charge, will come with food, treats, all his toys, his nap box and his blankie. His name is Jacques.

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